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"Isn’t this really the marker of adulthood? Learning to look beyond yourself to others? Isn’t a marker of intelligence a hunger to see the world outside your own experience?"
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Update 43: Final Update · CLANG →


For those who don’t know, CLANG was a controversial Kickstarter which reached it’s half million dollar funding goal by promising to produce a small but revolutionary sword fighting game. What it produced was an unremarkable proof of a concept which, in order for them to actually produce the promised game, was required to garner support for studios, venture capitalists or other investors.

CLANG did actually request half a million dollars (that was their goal amount), did promise a very specific product (many of the reward options included one or more copies of the finished game) and was very misleading about the process that would be involved.  The need for investors was only brought up after it was announced CLANG had run out of money and so would become a “nights and weekends" project.

Now, with no further progress on the project it’s been cancelled to allow them to pursue other projects.  Naturally, many people who pledged on the project are unhappy - and while backing anything on Kickstarter is always a risk I don’t think they’re wrong to be somewhat upset at how things turned out in this case.  It was, after all, a big enough deal that Time has an article about it. (And was also mentioned in an article about Kickstarter updating their terms and conditions)

But what I find really interesting about CLANG is not the people in the comments arguing over whether it was a shady deal from day one or simply Neal Stephenson not knowing how to manage a games project - but rather what I don’t see in the comments (which were mostly made over just two days) or anywhere else:

  • I don’t see any death threats, rape threats or other serious threats
  • I don’t see anyone who didn’t fund the project and doesn’t support the idea decrying it as a scam/fraud etc
  • I don’t see people trying attacking Neal’s credibility or demanding criminal prosecution (there was some people talking about a class action but that’s never eventuated into anything)

This is also not the only Kickstarter I’ve personally backed which requested half a million dollars and ran out of money before delivering a product.  The other one last updated in July, assuring that the now eighteen month overdue product is still being worked on - and y’know I rarely see even a harsh word in their comments.

Yet, none of this compares to the hilarity of the Tropes Vs Men in Video Games actual scam - which still has 170 believers on Steam, all of whom have apparently zero sense of irony:


There is truly nobody who is doing more harm to crowd funding and video games than entitled bro dudes who kick and scream at the very suggestion that somewhere someone may be doing something that benefits someone other than themselves.

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aka “Elitism is my middle name”

I like how Moffat would say that Reinette - a female character that he wrote into the show - is obviously a perfect match for the Doctor based on her level of ‘civilization’ and education.

As opposed to oh say…Rose Tyler - a lower-class girl who never went to university - whom the Doctor actually fell in love with and did settle down with in another universe.

This quote just has it all, doesn’t it?

- The elitism

- The dig at Rose Tyler and RTD, by extension

- The elevation of ‘his’ character at the expense of existing ones.

- The implication that Madame de Pompadour - one of the most powerful women in the country - would of course drop everything she had worked for to go and ‘settle down’ with a man who is basically a homeless spacehobo.

People who call Moffat a talentless hack are mistaken.  It takes some skill to cram that much fail into just three sentences.

Hah, excellent Moffat-criticism here. He is so petty, and so unequipped to write insightful sci-fi.

Like, okay, let’s pretend for a second that by “educated and civilised” he means “has a lot of knowledge and social insight” (which is a valid thing to look for in a romantic partner) rather than, you know, “rich, fancy and subservient” (which is what Moffat expects people to look for in a romantic partner).

… I really don’t think that an 18th century aristocrat has more understanding of science and society than a 21st person without A levels but with a working television. And in any case, if the Doctor was really looking for people who are Intellectual Equals, he’d surely look in the future, when people understand time travel, and have wikipedia installed in their brains, or whatever. Or AIs! I can’t imagine anyone more educated and ‘civilised’ than AI people!

Just, one thing I really loved about RTD’s Who arcs - which Moffat clearly didn’t understand at all - was that EVERYTHING the companions knew was useful - Harry Potter trivia! Game-show quickness! Fast typing! - and that the, like, real-world hierarchy of skills and marketability was always shown as less important than courage and compassion.



I’m imagining the real Madame de Pompadour and how very unimpressed she would be by Steven Moffat declaring his ~admiration for her, but


did this man just admit that he think the position of Companion is actually the Doctor’s maîtresse-en-titre?  Jesus wept.

That is exactly what this man thinks, and what he writes also. He thinks women are wired to ‘cling’ and men are wired to want to escape them, and the only way a relationship can be agreeable to both parties is if the woman accepts that they can only spend time together when the dude initiates it.

… Suddenly I am kinda surprised that Sherlock and Irene didn’t set up a long-distance relationship where she spends her days in an orientalist parody of a villa, waiting for Sherlock and passing the time taking luxurious bubble-baths and emotionlessly spanking female nobility.

Oh my god this is some sick shit— and really, really, really highlights how much Moffat doesn’t understand the fundamental heart of the show he’s fucking running. If the Doctor was so hot for intelligent, well educated, civilized women why the fuck did he ever leave his home planet? Why has he only ever had one Gallifreyan companion after he left his granddaughter to go her own way? Romana was foisted on him by the time lord ellimist, he didn’t go picking her out of a catalogue. 

The Doctor runs around with soldiers and schoolkids and teachers and sailors and students and journalists and shop girls and alien refugees and orphans and robot dogs and barbarians and private detective penguins and renegade archaeologists. If he wanted a slice of properly civilized girlfriend he had the whole universe to go pick one out from, and he never did till Moffat wrote him launching himself smooch-first at the lady in the fancy dress and historically inaccurate boobies.

Goddamn I am so mad. 

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To deal with the frustrations of his “real” job as a retail manager, photographer Logan Zillmer found an outlet in recreating the surreal visions he sees in his lucid dreams.

omg wut.

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In other news, this is one of my favorite Twitter happenings to date. 


In other news, this is one of my favorite Twitter happenings to date. 

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I never feel like more of a failure than when I can’t remember a piece of Harry Potter trivia. 



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I love these shows, but by God they have a lot of problems.

I used to like all of these shows, but the problematic shit just got to be to much :(

negativekarmaengine this is relevant to our interests…

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There exists a sub-section of men who literally cannot sit through a discussion of structural misogyny without receiving constant and emphatic reassurance that no one is accusing them personally of being a misogynist. This is a derail and an attempt to shut down debate. Because, to quote “Sometimes, it’s just a cigar”:

“Suppose you disagree with women about whether rape is part of the structure of our society, used to reinforce patriarchy. Do you make that debate possible by standing on your wounded pride, and just insisting that the debate must start with a disclaimer that says you’re not a rapist? Forgive me, but that’s nothing more than narcissism.”

The conviction that you have never participated or been complicit in structural misogyny is dubious to say the least, no matter what your gender. But even if you are resolute that you, personally, have managed to transcend the system you were born and raised in and now stand as a shining beacon of gender equity outside the mire of patriarchy? Good for you, but structural misogyny still exists and we still need to have a conversation about it. If you think you have nothing to learn, go play elsewhere on the internet.

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BLESS MARVEL, they’ve officially released this in HD

I think most everyone on my dash could use happy dancing Groot today <3

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